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Temporary Gallery

The Temporary Gallery houses changing exhibitions of particular interest to the Southern Ute Indian Tribe


Our current exhibition “Song of the Basket features over 50 baskets from around the country and the world that are either Ute or were influenced by Ute designs. Many are from Ute basket weavers from White Mesa, Utah, who are considered to be living cultural treasures and represent a long practiced artistic tradition.

“Just tell them, I learned to make the basket and I enjoy making the basket,” wrote Alice Lehi, a White Mesa basket weaver who was born unable to talk or hear.


In 2002, acknowledging their dwindling numbers and their concern that their elegant and complex tradition would vanish, they expressed an urgent request that their work be recorded. Ten years later, their efforts have come to life in this intimate portrait of a relatively inaccessible community.

The spectacular Temporary Gallery exhibition space is situated at the north end of the building, adjacent to the Permanent Gallery.