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Permanent Gallery

The History of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe is told in this permanent multi-sensory exhibition

Explore early rock art left behind by the first Utes. Stroll through a camp scene reminiscent of days when the Utes roamed freely over their beloved mountains. Investigate the turmoil and anguish as the Ute people were placed on reservations and boarding schools.

Finally, take a look into how the modern Utes have transformed themselves into one of the most industrious tribes in America.


In this outstanding interactive exhibit space, words, sounds, images and priceless artifacts bring history vividly to life. Tribal members have loaned many of the artifacts and many are on view to the public for the very first time.

A Circle of Life panorama cinema, stunning exhibits, interactive displays and spaces designed for children to have fun while they learn, all combine in this stunning exhibit hall.