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The Building and Stream Garden

One of the paramount aspects of Ute identity for centuries has been the natural vegetation of the area.  The native trees, plants, and flowers have been transferred into food, medicine, and important ceremonial objects. 

Make your visit and exploration into Ute culture complete with a stroll around the intricately designed museum grounds and native gardens.

The Corral

The extensive museum campus includes a corral where horse events will be held from time to time. Local horsemen and women will show the vital role that horses play in the lives of the Southern Ute Tribe.

The Herb Garden

The museum grounds feature an herb garden of native plants. These are intended be used in practical classes and seminars on medicinal and culinary uses.

Trails & Hiking

The Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum is surrounded by rural trails that allow a fuller experience of the land that forms the Tribal Reservation. Walk to Ignacio’s Scott’s Pond in a matter of minutes.

The Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum is surrounded by lush landscaping and wildlife that are a delight of sights, sounds and fragrances.