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Guided Tours

at the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum

One of the most valuable resources of the Southern Ute Tribe lies in the incredible wealth of knowledge that is in the possession of the tribal elders. For generations, stories, songs and knowledge about the Southern Ute way of life have been handed down in verbal form.

For guided tour groups, a glimpse into that tradition is now possible with the Tribal Consultant program, designed to involve tribal members in passing on their priceless knowledge to not only younger generations within the tribe, but now also to museum visitors.

Do not miss out on a unique opportunity to hear at first hand what it means to be Southern Ute!

Tours and activities can be designed to fit your individual or group needs or interests, so please give plenty of advanced notice in order for us to put a special tour together for you.

Please call 970 563 9583 to discuss tour options, prices, and available dates, or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Benefit from this unique opportunity to gain an insight into an ancient culture by hearing at first hand the process by which living history has been handed down over generations.