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Eagle Endowment Fund

Secure Our Future!

Donations to the Eagle Endowment fund will help to create a secure source of regular income for the running of the Museum for the future, in a managed investment portfolio designed to gain a maximum return.

The Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum is a
501(c )(3) not for profit organization governed by a board of directors and professional staff that welcomes financial support for its mission from a broad range of individuals and donor organizations.

The soaring eagle symbolizes the aim of the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum to attain the freedom to control its destiny through an annual income derived from a secure financial investment, and to truly fly under its own strength.
Gifts to Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed under IRS tax statutes.

For additional information about donating to the Eagle Endowment Fund at the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum please contact us at 970-563-9583.

Income from the Eagle Endowment Fund will be used to maintain the 52,000 square foot building year round, and guard its future for the generations to come.